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Top 20 Ideal Real Estate Jobs – Which One Is Right For You

You want to attend the real estate industry but still wonder about the availability as well as the income potential of this profession. Here we will provide you with numerous real estate jobs and their salary. Let’s go ahead!

January 4, 2022

Nowadays, there are more than 5 million individuals working in different parts of the genuine bequest industry within the USA. The real estate industry has the potential to provide numerous wide-ranging career openings related to it, both specifically and indirectly. Numerous real estate occupations require licensing – such as a real estate permit, proceeding instruction, or other types of related certifications or degrees. In this article, RealEstate-Prep will provide you with the distinctive sorts of real estate jobs accessible as well as the salary related to each.

What Are Different Types Of Real Estate Jobs?

The careers of real estate can be related to the budgetary side of the industry by way of contract brokerage, credit handling, endorsing, credit examination, dispossession administration, credit subsidizing, and speculation. There are moreover a number of critical and high-paying employments accessible on the title protections, evaluation, escrow, property administration, and legitimate sides of the commerce, in expansion to private and commercial brokerage deals.

Real Estate Jobs Salary 

Many people think of the real estate profession as merely brokering buyers and sellers and receiving commissions. In fact, the real estate profession is much larger, the companies related to the real estate profession include brokerage services, advertising, real estate auctions, real estate valuation, real estate management property (building management, urban areas…), real estate leasing business… more advanced than real estate investment, building industrial parks for businesses to rent, building buildings for companies to rent, doing business, selling apartments, or simply building a parking lot to collect parking… Here is a list of careers related to real estate that you may be interested in:

real estate jobs

1. Real estate broker

Real estate brokerage is an interesting profession because through this profession you have the opportunity to interact and interact with many people. You have the opportunity to participate in sales events, project announcements, or simply Team building sessions to connect members of the company. In this profession, you will travel a lot, know a lot about real estate, selling prices, and psychology, and work with many different professions such as banking, securities, construction, or those who work in the press and media…

The average annual salary of a real estate broker is reported by to be $79,590. However, the feature of this profession is receiving commissions for each contract executed, so the annual income of a real estate broker can be up to millions of dollars.

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2. Commercial real estate loan officer

The median yearly compensation broadly for a lower-level credit officer is exactly $82,000, with a salary running between $70,900 and $94,600. A senior advance officer’s middle compensation is $104,400. The deal of just one multi-million dollar commercial property per year can produce over $63,000 in salary alone.

3. Escrow officer

The middle yearly compensation is around $50,173 with a standard run between the range of $40,608 to about $60.823. Escrow company proprietors can gain a few hundred thousand to well over a million dollars per year in pay with sufficient relentless closing volume.

4. Mortgage credit analyst (Level I – fresher)

The middle income of mortgage credit analysts in the first level is $56,362, while the ordinary extent is up to $46,555 and even up to $65,754. For a senior contract credit examiner, the middle yearly compensation is $62,817, ordinarily extending between the range from $56,735 to about $70,373.

5. Real estate lawyer

A real estate lawyer assists clients in comprehending contracts and other legal paperwork. They deal with zoning concerns and mortgage fraud, negotiate on behalf of their clients, supervise deed and title transfers, and look into whether a company or residential property has a debt, restrictive covenant, or other legal issues. The median reported salary of a real estate lawyer is about $151,865 per year, while the standard salary fluctuates from $132,426 to approximately $168,266.

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6. Real estate consultant

Real estate consultants have the responsibility to provide research papers, statistics, and other necessary information to clients. This information is the reference for customers to make investment decisions. The median salary of a real estate consultant is approximately $61,719 with a standard salary ranging from $53,237 to $71,968.

7. Property manager

Property managers are very important people because you will need to manage all kinds of assets for the company so that other departments can function normally. The annual salary of a property manager is about $101,234; while the standard range can fluctuate from about $87,882 up to $116,471.

8. Real estate sales agent

A real estate agent is a person or business that arranges the sale, rental, or management of properties and other buildings. An agent that specializes in rentals is often referred to as a rental agent or manager. Real estate agents are preeminently engaged in the marketing of properties available for sale, and attorneys or licensed movers are used to prepare legal documents.  The normal yearly salary for a real estate sales agent within the USA is about $43,076, with a standard run of $42,081 to $54,791, but beatmakers can win much more than that.

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9. Top commercial real estate executive

The middle detailed yearly salary of a top commercial real estate executive is about $303,906 with standard salary fluctuations from $261,119 up to $374,025. The work capacities can incorporate a commercial genuine domain firm’s operators as well as arranging and coordinating targets for the whole firm.

10. Real estate marketing manager

The real estate marketing manager will provide the full range of services and products that the company has available to all customers. Most importantly, the information that real estate marketing gives must satisfy the needs of customers, help sales close deals effectively and help increase sales for the company. The average income of a real estate marketing manager can be up to $70,250, but the salary range often fluctuates between $62,247 and $79,553 for a year.

11. Real estate supervisors

Real estate supervisors manage and oversee properties, counting private and commercial areas. Their obligations may shift based on the area they oversee, but regularly they work to progress the esteem of the property, discover inhabitants and keep up records or printed material for the property. A few real estate supervisors moreover total bookkeeping, pay property bills, prepare and oversee other office staff or make essential repairs to the property. The national average salary of a real estate manager is $51,497 per year.

12. Real estate associates 

Real estate associates offer assistance to buyers discovering properties and offer assistance to dealers listing properties for deals. They frequently work for huge or little companies and work for either dealers or buyers. In both cases, they appear for buyers’ properties and help their clients through the deals and negotiation procedure. The national average salary of a real estate associate is $52,808 per year.

13. Home inspector

real estate jobs

Home inspectors take responsibility for looking at homes for any potential issues or repairs which will be vital. They frequently give gauges for costs and repair ventures to potential home purchasers, realtors, or other experts. The national average salary of a home inspector is $53,134 per year.

14. Foreclosure Specialist

Foreclosure specialists center on properties in different stages of abandonment. They help clients in rebuilding advances to assist them to meet installments and avoid abandonment, offer assistance to property proprietors through abandonment preparation, and discover abandoned properties for interested buyers. The national average salary of a foreclosure specialist is $60,243 per year.

15. Real estate appraiser

Real estate appraisers have the responsibility to assess and survey how much a property is worth and give this data to their potential clients. There are a few diverse levels of licensure for genuine domain appraisers, extending from appraiser learners to certified common appraisers, which may affect whether they work under the supervision of a more experienced appraiser or can work freely. The national average salary of a real estate appraiser is $62,521 per year.

16. Property accountant

Property accountants perform fundamental bookkeeping errands for companies or designers. They oversee budgets, accommodate accounts, and supervise money-related records. Besides, they may meet with individuals included in all stages of development and deals, such as engineers, legal counselors, and neighborhood lawmakers for their employer’s sake in order to guarantee all legitimate necessities are met. The national average salary of a property accountant is $65,832 per year.

17. Realtor

A realtor makes a difference in buyers’ discovering homes or helps dealers in finding somebody to buy their property. Realtors are authorized to offer private and commercial properties and must be dynamic in the National Association of Realtors. The national average salary of a realtor is $78,447 per year.

18. New home sales consultant

New home sales consultants take charge of showing modern properties or homes which will be beneath development to potential buyers. They regularly appear outlines, plans, or show homes to buyers as a direction to what they can anticipate from their completed domestic. New home sales specialists can also work with buyers to assist plan a customized home if customers have demands. The national average salary of a new home sales consultant is $78,952 per year.

19. Compliance Specialist

Compliance specialists, or compliance officers, must be commonplace with nearby directions and guarantee that companies follow all lawful prerequisites for exchanges and improvement. They moreover supervise reviews on the occasion a company is suspected of damaging controls. The national average salary of a compliance specialist is $82,644 per year.

20. Appraiser

The middle yearly salary of a residential appraiser is about $55,483 with a compensation run ordinarily between $45,713 and $64,115. The middle yearly salary for a commercial appraiser who works within the commercial division is $103,932 with an extension fluctuating from about $89,394 to about $119,222.

21. Compliance Specialist

The middle yearly salary for an entry-level compliance master is $58,103 with the standard extending between $51,837 and $66,220. More senior compliance masters average $61,188 to $83,075, with a middle of $71,289.

What Is A Good Reason To Invest In Real Estate?

We cannot create more land. It is our most finite and sacred resource. Therefore, the real estate business or the real estate industry was born and has created many benefits for employees. So here are 5 reasons why you should consider studying real estate.

Real estate professionals are in demand

Worried about investing in a real estate degree? Rest assured, your investment in a degree is highly likely to succeed as highly qualified and trained professionals in the real estate sector are in demand.

Demand for these workers will continue, as people turn to real estate agents and sales agents when looking for a home. For example, to buy a bigger house or to relocate to find a job. As property values ​​change and fluctuate with market growth, you’ll find employers looking for motivated and talented real estate professionals who are willing to go the extra mile.

Job prospects and attractive salary

Undeniably, the biggest value that real estate brings is the source of income. However, salaries for these positions will vary depending on your training, skill level, qualifications, and experience. And consider that a real estate degree will make you more likely to land a high-paying job, while also giving you the tools to get started at the corporate level if you so desire.

Get more supplemental knowledge

Working in real estate means you’ll have to maintain a knowledge of best practices, particularly in terms of the accounting practices of the buying and selling environment. As the person responsible for arranging these transactions, you will need to know how to protect yourself, your customers, and the company you work for from conditions.

What is real estate? You understand property and tax laws. Those are the key courses that you’ll want to get your real estate knowledge of. As in any study, specialization is the key to advancement.

Never stop learning new knowledge

It can be said that in this business, you will never get bored and you will never stop learning. As a real estate agent, you may find yourself working independently, setting your own hours, deciding how to manage your time and priorities, and possibly working from home. Of course, it takes you time, but when you get clients multiple times, they are very flexible.

Help customers make their dreams come true

real estate jobs

Working in real estate can be one of the most satisfying. You can become an expert in an important area in the world of sales and trading. Most importantly, you assist people in finding their permanent homes.

Often, one of the most emotional experiences, involving huge sums of money, buying and selling property, whether it’s a home or a commercial building, can be stressful and scary. As a real estate agent, broker, or property manager, you may be available to assist people every step of the way in the multi-faceted process. You will help people make life-changing decisions regarding buying or selling real estate; People will look to you for guidance.

So no matter what industry you pursue, serious research or a degree in real estate will help you achieve success. At the same time, helping people and communities to build a developed world.

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Real Estate Business?

Knowledge of the real estate market

Real estate knowledge is indispensable luggage. The ability to predict the potential of any real estate agent is based in large part on knowledge. Real estate professionals need to regularly improve their knowledge and regularly update on market fluctuations to get quality advice for customers. This can increase the probability of success, making the broker’s working foundation more stable.

Build and expand relationships

An important thing in the real estate industry is to focus on developing your social relationships. Those who have gone before will help you get the “golden experience” in practice. Work hard to join real estate buying and selling groups on social networks, you will not regret the time you have spent because of the quality and regularly updated customer information.

Prepare economically

Many people say that real estate is a profession that can get rich without capital, but this is a completely wrong concept. Because you will need a lot of money to maintain life, especially in the first period when the job is not stable, you have not got a contract, this period may last up to several months. Please really take note of this to get the best preparation for your luggage. To become professional, you also need to invest in your appearance to be polite and neat with professional office clothes and a serious working style that will make customers trust you more.



Above is all information about the real estate jobs as well as the salaries for each. We hope that this article can be beneficial for you during the process of finding a suitable career path.

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