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Free Texas Real Estate Practice Exam 2022

Texas Real Estate Exam Overview

The Texas Real Estate Practice Exam can help you pass your upcoming exam with flying colors so don’t forget to take the practice test when you study. 

How long is the Texas real estate exam?

Applicants for sales positions will be required to sit for 150 minutes of the national component of the test, followed by 90 minutes of the state portion. Texas’s real estate brokers will have around 150 minutes for the national test and 90 minutes for the state exam.

What kind of questions are on the Texas real estate exam?

The Texas real estate salespersons test consists of 125 questions with multiple choice answers. There are no essay questions. Both a national and a state statute section are included in the test. 40 multiple-choice tests are also included in addition to 85 topics for the national component of the test.

Is the Texas real estate exam hard?

Students should not be afraid of the test, despite its difficulty. It is our goal to assist students to pass the Texas real estate exam on their first attempt! Pass rates for national and Texas sections of the exam are 86.14% and 62.88%, respectively, for all real estate education providers.

Can you take the Texas real estate exam online?

Texas real estate licensing examinations may be taken online. Proctored exams may be taken from the convenience of your home or workplace while still obtaining the necessary supervision to meet Texas real estate proctored test regulations.

How many times can you take Texas real estate exam?

As per the Texas Real Estate Commission, each final test may only be retaken twice. In the event that you refuse to complete the course examination on your second attempt, you will have to retake the whole 30-hour course.

How much does the Texas real estate exam cost?

In case you want to apply to become a sales agent with the TREC, it is required for you to pay a $205 application fee. Aside from that, you’ll have to pay $54 for the Texas real estate test and pass it in order to get your license.

What happens if you don’t pass the Texas real estate exam?

If you fail a portion of the Texas real estate exam, all you have to do is retake it. All you have to do is pay the $54 test fee to Pearson VUE to reschedule your exam. If you fail a section of the test three times, you must complete an additional 30 hours of qualifying real estate education.

Where do you take the Texas real estate exam?

Pearson VUE testing centers must be used to take the Texas real estate exam.

What is a passing score on the Texas real estate exam?

There are 2 components to the Texas real estate exam that are scored individually. As a result, you’ll need a combined national and state score of at least 70%.

How do I schedule my Texas real estate exam?

The Texas real estate exam may be scheduled online, which is the most convenient choice for students. At www.pearsonvue.com/tx/realestate, candidates must reserve an examination time. New users must create an account in order to access the site.

How many questions are on the Texas real estate broker exam?

In order to complete the 80 questions in 105 minutes, 30 questions should always be completed in 45 minutes.

What happens if you fail the Texas real estate exam 3 times?

Additional lessons may be required if you fail the state’s real estate test 3 times. Additional 30 hours of education are required for each test component that you fail (national, state, or both).

Can you use a calculator on the Texas real estate exam?

Pearson VUE test centers adhere to the following policies: Personal belongings are not allowed in the examination room. Please bring your own calculators if you plan on using one. No books, papers, or other study aids are permitted in the testing area. You are allowed to take breaks throughout the test.

How to utilize our free Texas Real Estate Practice Exam?

When you’re ready to begin taking practice tests, follow these steps:

  • With your notes and real estate study guide close at hand, take the first test without a time limit. Put the strategies you have learned into practice and take your time.
  • Consider setting a timer and pacing yourself to complete the second practice test “open book” as well.
  • Practice any other tests as if it was test day. Put your study materials away and set a timer. Imagine yourself sitting at a desk in the testing center, answering questions as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Practice tests are best taken regularly until you run out of them or the actual test is approaching. This will prepare your mind for the test day schedule and stress, so you can concentrate on recalling the material you’ve learned.

How does our real estate practice test Texas work?

Based on the official test

We have to say our real estate practice test questions are collected and updated carefully based on the annual real estate test. In order to be as similar as possible to the real test, we constantly improve the quality as well as quantity of our real estate practice test questions.

Detailed explanation

We also offer detailed explanations for every question, which help you understand the roots of the issues and rarely make that mistake again, so you pass the test the first time! 

So friendly to users

Our real estate practice test is designed to be fun and easy to use which helps you feel more interesting while doing tests.

Why you should study with our Texas Real Estate Practice Test Free?

These are all the benefits of using our Real Estate Practice Test:

  • Study anywhere at any time without an Internet connection.
  • Your own study plan will be set up automatically according to your test date
  • Practice with 3 different test modes
  • 3 features: Weak/Medium/Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should work harder on.
  • Customize your study reminder to receive a notification at any time you want

Don’t hesitate anymore! Visit our Free Real Estate Practice Exam and start your studying right now!