how to get your real estate license in florida

How To Get Your Real Estate License In Florida? | 2024 Guide

Florida is a potential market for any real estate agent. However, before starting your career in this profession, it is required for you to be licensed. How to get your real estate license in Florida? Get more beneficial information below!

January 5, 2022

As the third-most-populous state in the U.S., Florida is always considered an incredible market for real estate experts. Still, in the event that you need to purchase and offer real estate in Florida, you’ll require a real estate license examination, whether you need to be a real estate agent or real estate broker in the future. Which license is right for you? How to get your real estate license in Florida? In this article, RealEstate-Prep will provide you with all the most up-to-date information that can assist your way to becoming a real estate professor.

Which Qualification Is Required For A Florida Real Estate License?

how to get your real estate license in florida

To start, you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school/institution or its equivalent.
  • A United States Social Security number is obligatory for you.
  • You must not have committed a felony or a misdemeanor involving fraud, misrepresentation, theft, or dishonesty in the previous five years, starting from the time of conviction/plea or the completion of any jail/prison sentence.
  • You must be truthful, honest, and of good reputation.
  • Pass a background check/fingerprints.

How To Get Your Real Estate License In Florida? – 5 Steps

If you’re ready to start assisting customers during the process of purchasing and selling property in Florida, below is what you need to complete, including passing a licensing exam. So how to get your real estate license in Florida? Let’s go!

Step 1: Take the pre-license course now!

The first step to getting your real estate license in Florida is taking the state-approved deals-related 63-hour pre-license course and passing the licensing exam. This course centers on real estate regulations and laws, standards, and the real estate math section. You’ll be able to take the course online or in a classroom at a real estate institution/school or within the Realtor associations and boards statewide. Course bundles shift from $100 to $500. You must pass the real estate license in the Florida exam with a score of at least 70 percent of the total questions.

In case you’re affirmed to the law in Florida, it is not necessary for you to register and take the pre-license course. You will take the deals-related exam by fastening a duplicate of your current Florida Bar card to the real estate license exam application.

Step 2: Apply to take the Florida real estate exam

The next step is getting your electronic fingerprints. The DBPR (which stands for the Department of Business and Professional Regulations) needs them to run a foundation check. You’ll get to have your fingerprints taken at least 5 days before sending your permit application. See where and how to urge electronic fingerprints. Don’t forget to bring your authority-issued photo I.D. with you. Each unique mark merchant sets the cost for their administrations, but the commonplace fee is approximately $50 to $80.

Candidates ought to have no lawful offense or violations of ethical turpitude in their past. In the event that there’s something concerning in your past, the Division of Genuine Bequest energizes you to apply and uncover it. The state may not be pardoned in case you abuse their application rules, despite the fact that they may ignore a few infringements.

You ought to give your Social Security number and the taking after ORI number: FL920010Z. Yield an application to the DBPR. The charge for this is exactly $83.75, which you’ll pay online or by mail with a check or cash arrangement. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations surveys all applications they receive. The Pearson VUE company will inform you by sending an email right when your application has been endorsed (by and large takes from 10 days to 1 month). 

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Step 3: Take and pass the state real estate exam

Pearson VUE directs the state exam handle and offers the course in an assortment of groups and areas. The fee for this is exactly $36.75 for each exam. Observe your mail for a notice from Pearson VUE with the subject line “Authorization to Test” letting you know that you simply are qualified to require the test. This email often incorporates your nine-digit Candidate ID number, which is necessary for you to sign up for the exam with Pearson VUE. In case you want to plan an exam, please contact via the phone number 888.204.6289 or visit the website 

This state real estate exam has two segments, including both national and state requirements for the test. Florida permits the permitting exam to be proctored online. For more data, don’t forget to visit the website of the Florida permitting exam. After passing the exam, download and print your permit through your secure account at the DBPR site. Once your starting permit is actuated, it is substantial for 18 to 24 months, depending on once you pass the state exam.

To pass your exam on the first attempt, let’s get started with our free real estate practice exam now!

Step 4: Affiliate with a real estate broker

how to get your real estate license in florida

Your Florida real estate license isn’t technically active until you’re associated with an authorized broker. A supporting broker will actuate your permit utilizing the DBPR RE 11–Sales Relate shape (which is often known as the PDF).

Consider talking with a few real estate brokers and comparing offers before jumping to any conclusions. You will discover those famous agencies have built-in procedures to assist you to succeed in your modern career. By contrast, smaller brokerages could be willing to offer you a distant better bargain and give more personalized preparation.

Step 5: Attend a local realtor association

You’ll likely select to connect the local board related along with your broker. The local board levies and offerings change, hence, it is required for you to investigate your alternatives. Once you connect your nearby board, you may authoritatively be a Realtor and a part of the Florida Realtors’ state affiliation. Another choice can be the National Association of Realtors.

What Needs To Take Into Consideration?

In case you’re a real estate attorney who could be a part of the Florida Bar in great standing, you’re absolved from a few of the requirements to end up an authorized real estate agent/broker. Fundamentally, it is allowed authorization for you to sit for the exam. Your eligibility in Florida can be considered an effective method to help exempt you from attending the college classes required of other candidates. Be that as it may, you must still take and pass the pertinent exam to end up a real estate agent/broker. Additionally, you may total the 45 hours of post-licensing instruction required for a specialist or the 60 hours required for an experienced broker inside the primary re-establishment year.

Regarding real estate laws and regulations, Florida features a number of statutes and controls of which every real estate professional working there should be mindful. The Real Estate Commission of Florida includes a direct that covers laws administering real estate within this state.


How long does it take to get a Florida real estate license?

From beginning to wrap up, getting to be a real estate agent at the deals-related level in Florida takes generally one to two months.5 For a broker, the street perhaps a small longer due to the extra prerequisites: completing about 72 hours (3 days) of real estate coursework (rather than the 63 hours required to end up a real estate agent) as well as having worked a least of approximately 2 years as a real estate agent.

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How much does it cost to get a real estate license in Florida?

Getting to be a real estate agent/broker in Florida requires both time, effort, and enough money. When it’s all said and done, a yearning operator will spend between $400 and $500 to induce their license. A broker can anticipate paying between $500 and $600. Below will illustrate how these real estate costs break down:

  • The cost for taking a pre-licensing real estate exam coursework can cost you just $80 for the first time, depending on the regulations of your school, but on average runs from $245 to $400.86 per each.
  • Real estate exam cost is the same at $36.75.9
  • The cost for taking fingerprints will be approximately$57. 

To minimize your spent fee on the test, you should try some of the Florida real estate practice exam questions to get familiar with the exam format and pass on your first attempt!

Does Florida’s real estate license have reciprocity?

Florida has correspondence assertions with eight states: Connecticut, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Nebraska. In case you dwell in any of these states and wish to end up authorized in Florida, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old and not be a resident of Florida
  • Complete an official application for being operated in Florida
  • Pass a Florida real estate exam including 40 questions
  • Successfully submit fingerprints as well as pass a background check 
  • Complete and possess an active real estate license that is authorized by one of the states that Florida has a reciprocity agreement with

How do I get my Florida real estate license online?

how to get your real estate license in florida

You’ll apply for a real estate license in Florida via online platforms or by mail. You’ll easily get to either alternative through the application location for the permit you’re looking for. The survey handle takes approximately four to about 6 weeks, after which you’ll be able to plan your real estate licensing exam. All the real estate license exams in Florida are strictly managed by Pearson VUE, which permits you to effectively sign yourself up via online platforms.

What to note about the Florida real estate license exam?

After your application has been affirmed, you’ll sign up with Pearson VUE to plan your exam to be taken either individually or online. Both the operator and broker exams take three and a half hours to complete and comprise 100 multiple-choice questions related to numerous knowledge areas. For each exam, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation of Florida has made data booklets that go into more noteworthy detail.

75%  is the minimum passing score for this kind of examination. In the event that you fail the entire test or part of it, you are entitled to retake the test. The cost of retesting and the time required will vary, depending on state laws. Before taking your Florida real estate license, don’t forget to learn about the exam rules here to get an effective study strategy.

What should I bring to the testing center?

It is required for you to bring two shapes of distinguishing proof on the day of your test. One of those must be a government-issued I.D., such as a driver’s permit or visa. This frame of I.D. must have your photo and your signature. The moment I.D. must have your signature and your preprinted title. The names on both identification cards have to coordinate with the title that’s found via the Examination Registration Form.

The only thing that you are permitted to bring with you amid the exam may be a noiseless, non-programmable calculator. Take off your satchel, wallet, phone, nourishment, and drinks in the car.

How is your Florida real estate license application issued?

Once you pass the real estate license exam, your license will naturally be issued. The method takes seven to 10 trade days. You should remember that real estate agents must actuate their permit by submitting another application, one that has been filled out by their direct manager and sent to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation of Florida.

How often do you need to renew your real estate license in Florida?

The Florida real estate licenses are available for 2 years, and the state will inform you through email when your reestablishment date is nearing. Expenses will fluctuate from around $32 for a real estate agent and around $36 for a real estate broker.

What post-licensing education is required for a Florida real estate sales associate?

Florida real estate agents reestablishing their licenses for the primary time must total 45 hours of endorsed proceeding instruction coursework, whereas brokers require 60 hours of proceeding instruction. Ensuing recharges often require exactly 14 hours of affirmed proceeding instruction for both real estate agents and real estate brokers.


How to get your real estate license in Florida is not an easy question, but you can get success in this profession if you have enough passion and dedication. Hope that this article can help you on your way to becoming a real estate specialist.