how long does it take to get real estate license

How Long Does It Take To Get Real Estate License In 2024?

You decide to register and take a real estate license but don't know "how long does it take to get real estate license?" Find your answer in the below article!

January 5, 2022

How long does it take to get real estate license? In fact, there are numerous steps that you can take to get to be a real estate agent. Understanding how to urge a real estate license as well as how long the method takes is the primary step, and just understanding what to anticipate will offer assistance that can be effective since it can make it less demanding for you to get ready yourself legitimately.

Fortunately, the method is really simple to get it. Whereas the specifics may change depending upon the exact location where you live, the method required to get a real estate license and end up a real estate agent/broker is exceptionally similar. 

What Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License?

how long does it take to get real estate license

Whereas certain states around the US can have a few slight variations on the necessities to urge an official real estate license, the following will likely be the criteria that you have to meet.

  • Must be at least 18 years old. In some cases, several states can require you to be at least 19 years old for getting the official real estate license.
  • Must have legal residency in the USA
  • Must complete the education requirements in the US. The required length of your education process can be quite different depending on the state where you live or work.
  • Must pass your Real Estate exam

These basic prerequisites are what you’ll do to win a real estate license, but the specifics behind them mean that you’ll need to get it a bit more approximately precisely what to anticipate as you set out on this modern career path. In case you are able to meet the age and residency necessities, the following steps will be what you must center on.

How Long Does It Take To Get Real Estate License?

So you wonder how long to get real estate license? The reply is that it changes state by state. For most who are serious and willing to pay 100% of attention during the preparation process, you’ll be able to total all of the instructive prerequisites in between 4 months and half of a year – with online courses possibly speeding up the method to some degree. From there, it depends on how long it’ll take before you’ll take and sit for the upcoming real estate exam.

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Be that as it may, one thing remains true all time – it doesn’t take as long as numerous expect to end up a real estate agent or specialist and begin gaining incredible cash in a work that gives individual and proficient rewards. If you’re serious about achieving a stronger career, taking the time to induce a real estate license is well worth carefully considering.

How Do You Study For The Real Estate Exam?

Real estate license education

Your real estate education process is where things can change the most. Each state has its claim controls for education, and you’ll get to find out what is required in your specific state after you need to urge a real estate license. On occasion, Idaho requires two courses that take 90 college hours to total. Texas contains a 5-course, 180-hour necessity, while other states such as California encompass a three-course, 135-hour instructive prerequisite.

No matter where you’re and how long the educational requirements are to urge a real estate license in the state where you live, your instruction will cover essentially each viewpoint of the real estate profession. A few of the subjects included will be:

  • Real estate ethics
  • Method of pricing and listing
  • Finding and counseling potential purchasers and sellers
  • Real estate regulations and laws
  • Leases and contracts
  • Business management principles
  • Disclosure procedures and guidelines

Essentially, your instruction will cover everything that’s utilized to be a real estate broker or agent. Not as it were will you learn approximately the laws and guidelines merely needed to take after whereas working as a specialist, but you may moreover be given enlightening on how to be a higher operator. As such, you’ll be able to get a real estate permit and start working as a specialist with certainty – you’ll have the information required to meet all controls, but information to flourish at what you are doing as well.

And since numerous states presently permit you to enlist in online real estate courses or classes, it’s less demanding than ever to total your instruction while still juggling work or family duties. You’ll be able to sign up for your program and take classes online in your free time, moving towards a far better future without battling to fit it into your plan.

Real estate license school

how long does it take to get real estate license

The 75-hour course prerequisite is provided by a number of private schools, as well as community colleges all through the state. Each school includes a distinctive plan. The length of time can be anyplace from some weeks to some months for the purpose of getting the course completion.

Choosing a school could be a significant choice in your journey toward a new real estate career. You wish for a school with strong notoriety, top-notch substance and teachings, and accentuation on the success of students.

Your pre-licensing instruction will take part in difficult work and cover a parcel of materials. The instruction you get is a critical portion of getting beginning together with your career as a real estate professor. The state exam isn’t simple, so you’ll have to work hard and try hard for it. Discover accurately what your instruction supplier does to guarantee you pass your examination.

Timeframe Factors For Course Completion

The instruction course on real estate will last about two to three hours long. In the event that you truly pack and put all your consideration into completing the courses, it can be worn out in a matter of a week. But that’s extraordinary. A couple of things that influence the time allotment to incorporate:

The sort of courses 

The courses have to be endorsed by the Secretary of State, but you don’t ought to essentially take them in a formal classroom. For most individuals, taking online courses is considered the quickest and least demanding way to burn through hours of the specified instruction. Taking courses in person tends to require longer and is based on a foreordained lesson plan. 

Passing the real estate exam 

After you total the coursework, the state requires simply passing a school-administered proctored exam. It’s an additional step that numerous other states don’t include within the permitting preparation. How long it’ll take to total the school exam all depends on how rapidly you’ll get it planned and how numerous times it takes you to pass. Anything 65% or higher is considered a passing review, and you’ll get about 3 tries.

You should remember that a few schools have time confinements on completing courses and testing. Regularly, the time restraints fluctuate from 4 months to 6 months from the time you take your 1st lesson.

How To Apply For The Real Estate Exam?

Once you are feeling comfortable with all the knowledge you’ve learned during your real estate educational program and ready for an exam, it’s time to apply to the real estate exam. This step as a rule requires the installment of an application charge and enrolling for the test through a third party, PSI Exams are an example.

Numerous states don’t require you to have completed all your required instruction hours before the process of applying for the real estate exam. This could speed up the time it takes you to gain your permit since you’ll be able to total your credit hours while holding up for your exam application to be endorsed.

Taking And Passing The Real Estate License Exam

Once you’ve completed the instructive necessities, another step is to register and take the actual real estate exam. By and large, you’ll take an introductory last exam through the college where you’re completing your instruction through. These, as a rule, have numerous choice questions and you’ll have 2 and a half hours to complete the test, in spite of the fact that this will change depending on the regulations of your school.

Once you pass the ultimate exam together with your real estate school, the following step is to sit for the state-permitting exam. Plan a date and time to require the test – there are frequently a few days throughout the month. The exam itself may change marginally from state to state, but ordinarily, you’ll have 100 to 200 numerous choice questions and will get to score at least a 70% on the test to pass. No matter where you take the exam, it’ll cover all of the things that you have learned during the process of staying in school.

Last but not least, in case you pass the real estate exam, you’ll be able to get your real estate license and start moving on to the following step – really getting to be a specialist and starting to work within the real estate field.

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What Should Be Done After The Real Estate Exam?

how long does it take to get real estate license

Once you have passed your real estate exam, you’ll have to yield your test, permit application, and application expenses. Permit application fees will take a toll between $50 and $250, and you may be required to experience a foundation check which fluctuates from $40 to $100.

Afterward, let’s check your real estate commission for discovering whether you would like to have Errors and Omissions (which is also called E&O) protections before applying. E&O protection ensures real estate specialists from budgetary misfortunes and claims recorded as a result of their genuine bequest work. Some of the time, your brokerage will offer you E&O protections. Otherwise, you could be required to get it before yielding your application.

Numerous states around the US, California as an example, have extra steps that you’ll have to take in order to get a real estate license and start to speak to buyers and dealers. In specific, you’ll likely have to discover a sponsoring broker to work for. You won’t be able to just exit out of school and promptly start your commerce. Instead, you’ll work as a specialist for a broker for a period of time before moving on to anything your following stage may be.

As with everything else, in any case, this shifts depending upon the state, but you ought to still arrange on having to work as an entry-level operator for a brief period before starting your own commerce. This gives you the time to sharpen your skills and develop your notoriety so you’ll be able to discover more noteworthy victories later.

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Find a real estate brokerage

Now you have got your real estate license. Congratulations! But that might not mean that you’ll begin offering houses right now. Most states require you to work with an experienced real estate broker who supports your first year as a real estate broker or agent.

A real estate brokerage is essentially an office where you can work. Since you’ll likely require a brokerage to produce wages, it’s a great thought to discover a broker before graduating from your preparing course. The brokerage you work for decides the sort and volume of work you are doing, the preparation and mentorship you receive, and the company culture you are a portion of each day.

The brokerage you work for decides the sort and volume of work you are, doing the preparation and mentorship you receive, and the company culture you are a portion of each day. Here are 3 most popular sorts of real estate brokerages you should know:

National real estate franchises

National establishments such as RE/MAX LLC, Keller Williams, and Coldwell Financier give organized preparing, moment title acknowledgment, and more assets for several completely new real estate agents across the nation.

Boutique-style real estate brokerages

Littler or small-sized real estate brokerages may give personalized preparation and more path for the purpose of developing and advancing the real estate market.

Virtual real estate brokerages

SaaS (which is a short-term “Software as a Service” has introduced a completely new real estate brokerage that is now starting to run via online platforms for the purpose of reaching the new customer segments (young people). The benefits of working with a virtual brokerage incorporate higher commission parts, lower work area expenses (work area lease you pay to your brokerage), and advanced and upgraded technology.

Attend the national association of realtors

You’ve earned your real estate permit and found a supporting brokerage, so you are a realtor, right? Still (kind of) off-base. Whereas not lawfully essential, you must connect the National Affiliation of Realtors (which is often called NAR for short) for the purpose of calling yourself a realtor. This designation is additionally required in the event that you want to take part in most MLS (which is also known as the Multiple Listing Services).

In case you are not a part of the National Affiliation of Realtors, you claim the title of genuine domain specialist and are lawfully able to work within the real estate field, but your winning potential is constrained without getting to the Multiple Listing Services.

Renew your real estate license regularly

Getting your real estate license could be quite complicated, so do not disregard resuming it. Check your state’s prerequisites to see when your real estate license permit will terminate. Typically every 2 or 4 years.

Numerous states across the nation require operators to total a set number of course hours to be qualified for reestablishment — between 8 and 90 course hours every few years. These extra courses guarantee you’re up to date on the advancing national and state markets and directions. Check along with your state’s authorizing office to memorize their reestablishment prerequisites so you’re not scrambling to fit coursework that lasts for 90 hours before your real estate permit expires.


How long does it take to complete the pre-licensing education requirement in Texas?

In Texas, aspiring real estate agents are required to complete 180 hours of pre-licensing education from an approved provider. The duration of the courses can vary based on the format and schedule you choose. Some people complete the coursework within a few weeks by attending full-time, while others may take longer if they opt for part-time or online classes.

Are there any additional requirements before taking the licensing exam in Texas?

To become a real estate agent in Texas, there are extra prerequisites that applicants must meet before sitting for the licensure test. Here are some of the major prerequisites:

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Education: From an authorized source, you must finish a minimum of 180 hours of real estate-related coursework. Different real estate-related ideas, laws, contracts, and practices are covered in this curriculum.
  • Criminal background investigation: This is necessary. A person may be unable to apply for a real estate license if they have committed certain criminal charges.
  • Applicants must be either U.S. citizens or legally admitted aliens.
  • Application: You must send a completed application and the required costs to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).
  • Sponsorship: A licensed Texas real estate broker must sponsor you before you may sit for the licensure exam. You will be guided and given the required assistance by the sponsoring broker as you go through the licensing procedure.

How long does it take to schedule and complete the licensing exam in Texas?

After successfully completing the prerequisites for pre-licensing education, a door of potential opens up, enticing you to begin the next critical stage: arranging your license exam with a reputable and officially accredited testing service. The difficult effort of selecting a day and a place from the abundance of options available to you will surely be a part of the convoluted scheduling procedure. Prepare yourself because the upcoming trial will put your knowledge and experience to the test over the course of a few priceless hours. Alas! The exact sequence of actions, including the complex orchestration of scheduling and taking part in this significant exam, will dance to the tune of testing slot availability and your particular preferences, therefore determining the course of your license objectives.

How soon can I expect to receive my real estate license after passing the exam in Texas?

After passing the licensing exam, you must submit your application for a real estate license to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The processing time for the application can vary, but it generally takes a few weeks to a few months. The TREC will review your application, verify your education, and conduct a background check before issuing your license.

Can I start working as a real estate agent while waiting for my license in Texas?

No, you cannot practice real estate brokerage until you have obtained your TREC license. Without a current license, it is unlawful and punishable to engage in real estate activities.


Getting to be a real estate specialist could be an enormous choice that requires a large amount of time, consideration, and commitment. This article does not have legal exhortation about How long does it take to get a real estate license?”. The steps required to get a real estate license can be significantly different depending on the state where you are studying or living, so you ought to look for your own legal exhortation to guarantee the right preparation.