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The Comprehensive Guide To Listing In Real Estate In 2024

Listing is a familiar term in the real estate industry. However, for those who do not have much knowledge in this field, listing must be a quite new and strange phrase. Let's find out what listing in real estate is as well as related things about listing in this article.

December 28, 2021

Known as the most attractive profession in the market, the real estate brokerage industry in particular, and real estate, in general, is a very popular job. During the process of real estate brokerage, there are many specialized terms used such as primary market, secondary market, and saleable area, … in which the term Listing is indispensable. So what is the listing in real estate and list of property types? Find your answer in this article.

What Is A Listing In Real Estate?

listing in real estate

The listing will be a large list of plans and projects, helping investors to get the most accurate project statistics. When the investor has a correct list of plans, the success rate of each project is dozens of times higher than that of an investor who does not have a correct list of steps in the operation.

In the real estate industry, listing is considered an art. Listing is often likened to a lever to help real estate brokers achieve their intentions at work. To put it simply, the listing is one of the most powerful supporting tools for real estate brokers to achieve their goals.

In addition, in real estate brokerage, the listing is also a word used a lot to describe a stage in the real estate brokerage process. The use of listings is one of the stages in the real estate brokerage process that plays an extremely important role in the effectiveness and success of brokerage activities. It helps you see specific goals and directions. Most importantly, in the implementation steps, you will know what percentage of the efficiency you achieve. Accordingly, there are plans and plans to promote their projects fastest and most successfully.

What Are The Methods Of Listing Real Estate Products?

To be able to list in the real estate industry requires a broker to have skills and expertise. Therefore, knowing the methods of product listing is essential. There are actually 14 listing methods, each with its own process and different stages. However, there are 2 main methods of real estate listing, namely media listing and internet listing, that require any broker to be sure, specifically as follows:

Traditional listing

Traditional listing is a method of promoting and marketing real estate products since the development of the Internet. This is a very effective communication channel that real estate agents have applied and maintained for a long time. Although decades have passed, the benefits of traditional product advertising have not disappeared, but on the contrary, leading real estate retailers in the United States and around the world are still using and developing stronger and stronger. 

In fact, the referral channel through used customers, relatives, and friends will prevail. Buyer psychology is always cautious because buying a house to live in is a decision that affects their lives in the long run. Trust is still a factor that customers carefully consider before buying a home. Therefore, they will feel more secure under the verification or through the introduction of relatives and friends. A real estate consultant needs to remember and apply this traditional method of listing in the most optimal way.

Internet listing

According to the 2020 statistical report, the number of people using Internet services in the US is 313 million people. This proves that the number of Internet users does not stop here but also thrives in the future. Therefore, the listing of real estate via the Internet is something that consultants cannot ignore. The effect of this method is often great, which helps save costs and increase brand.

The universal access of people to the Internet gives buyers more choices. It’s easier to find a home than it used to be. That is also the opportunity, the opportunity for you. Listing real estate products over the Internet will save you a lot of costs and greatly increase your brand.

Worked in the field of real estate brokerage and operated independently. You need to invest in online marketing courses or programs to improve your knowledge of advertising real estate products on the Internet. It is a solution to help you improve your skills and master the technology platform. Thereby you will reach customers quickly and effectively.

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Real Estate Listing?

Open listings

Open postings are the foremost common sort of list of property types. Under an open listing, the estate proprietor offers a real estate agent or broker a commission in case the property is sold. An open listing permits any real estate agent or broker to offer the property and collect the commission, but all open posting contracts are canceled when the property completely sells, so it is not necessary for the owner to pay the commission to all brokers.

Exclusive agency listings

Under these listings, just an agent or broker is utilized and collects a commission when the property completely sells. No other brokers can offer the property, but the proprietor reserves their official right to offer the property by themselves to avoid paying a commission to an agent or broker.

Exclusive right to sell listings

These types of listing permit the utilized broker to gain commission from a deal notwithstanding who offers the property. This course of action as a rule discourages other brokers from attempting to offer the property recorded and guarantees that the elite broker puts forward a great exertion to offer the real estate.

Net listings

Net listings happen in case a proprietor sets the sum of cash that they wish to pick up from the deal of a property. Anything sum for which the broker offers the property is a commission for the broker. To be more specific, if a proprietor wishes to pick up $300,000 from the deal of a property and the broker finds a buyer willing to pay up to $350,000, at that point, the proprietor nets their $200,000 whereas the broker wins $50,000 commission.

Multiple listing service (or the MLS)

Under a few circumstances, numerous brokers concur to work together to offer real estate and, in turn, concur to part the commission from any deals. Each numerous posting benefit has diverse terms and conditions with respect to expenses that individuals pay and commission earned, depending on who offers property.

Limited-service listing agreement

Within a limited-service listing ascension, the proprietor pays a broker a level charge in the progress of administrations rendered. Regularly, the broker is responsible for limited services, like counting the posting in an MLS, and the vendor handles most requests. 

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How To Effectively List Real Estate Products?

To prove yourself as a professional broker, what do you need to do to make it most effective with leverage at work?

Understanding the real estate market

The real estate market is the “playground” of these artists, and they will show their talent in that real estate market. Understanding the real estate market is also helping your work to be much more convenient. Besides, the real estate market is one of the most dynamic industries. Without understanding, without certain understanding, it will certainly not be successful. Understanding the real estate market is also understanding the psychology of customers.

The process of understanding the real estate market is not easy because you have to do your own research as well as find out through documents and market surveys. However, if you are successful in doing market research and taking advantage of it, you will have the opportunity to become an expert real estate agent.

Have solid professional knowledge

It is impossible for a real estate agent/broker without professional knowledge to engage in this occupation. Besides professional knowledge, you also need to have other industry knowledge to ensure your job is better. Professional knowledge not only needs to be learned through different schools but also through your daily life and work. Especially for those who are new to the profession, it is a difficult and challenging job. However, if you overcome those difficulties, success will surely come to you.

Become knowledgeable about the housing

If the nature and specificity of the chef’s job is the food, they need to understand what those dishes are like from the selection of ingredients. However, for this job, the nature of its work is real estate, i.e. land. Therefore, you need to know the land, the land that you intend to broker for your customers.

Not most people will believe in spiritual things, but especially for business people, this is extremely important to them. This knowledge, of course, you will not learn at any school, but you have to learn it yourself.

Have smart communication

It can be said that the communication factor contributes to success in all jobs, professions, and even in your life, it also helps you a lot. Therefore, the job of this broker is no exception, because it will also make an important contribution to your success. More specifically, when you have smart communication skills, know when to be soft with customers, and know when to be tough and persuasive, you will completely convince that difficult guest of yours.

When you are friendly with your guests, it will help you create the first impressions. No one wants to spend money to buy something and receive an unfriendly attitude from the staff. That’s why good communication will help you get goodwill and first impressions. You know, if you want to understand the psychology of customers, you need to talk to them and from there know how to exploit the necessary information and understand the wishes of the customer.

Embrace technology

In today’s modern technology era, you can’t help but grasp technology, right? If you are a technology-blind person, you will make your customers bored and leave immediately. Besides, the fact that you grasp technology also partly helps you find customer information better than ever.

What Are The Main Steps In Listing In Real Estate?

The real estate brokerage process is an extremely important and necessary thing for every real estate agent. Having an accurate and efficient real estate brokerage process enhances the performance of real estate agents. Typically, a real estate brokerage process includes the following stages:

Looking for potential projects

First, real estate agents will hunt and find potential real estate products in the market. These are usually the products that users have the highest search for and use. They will then contact and approach the owners of those properties to convince them that they are willing to sell, rent, or make other transactions for the property.

Negotiation and cooperation

The next step is to negotiate, cooperate and find solutions to sell, rent or perform other transactions for real estate products as quickly as possible. During this phase, the real estate agent will have to successfully use the listing tool to put those potential products on the real estate market and attract customers.

Plan to reach customers

After putting information about products on the real estate market, real estate agents will search for customers through lists. Then, they will categorize customers on their own, identifying potential and non-potential customers. Based on that, they will plan and strategize to reach customers. When a real estate agent approaches a client to consult, negotiate and the customer agrees to make the transaction, their brokerage has been successful.

Thus, looking at the real estate brokerage process above, it can be seen that listing plays an extremely important role. Because thanks to the listing, customers will know about real estate products. At the same time, thanks to that, real estate agents can also reach out to real potential customers and ensure their brokerage work takes place effectively.

listing in real estate

What Is The Difference Between Listing And Marketing/Advertising?

For a long time, there is a misconception when it comes to the term real estate product listing. When it comes to listings, people often think of marketing and advertising. This incorrect thinking has negatively affected the listing strategies of many real estate companies.

However, it must also be said that real estate listing is closely related to marketing and advertising. Listing will use those two methods as separate tools for each product or service. Therefore, you can have a proper understanding of the difference between marketing and advertising and have effective solutions to apply to the listing of your product or business brand.


According to some documents, the term Marketing first appeared in the United States. Exactly from the beginning of the twentieth century and was included in the English dictionary in 1944. In terms of etymology, the term Marketing consists of the root word “market”, meaning “market” or “market” and the suffix “ing” denotes the movement and ongoing process of the market.

In terms of content, marketing is a continuous process of transmitting the value of quality products and services of a business to customers through the sale of products or services, thus, getting the corresponding values. The ultimate goal is that the products and services of that business must be trusted and acknowledged by customers.

In the current business environment of real estate brokerage services, if all brokers offer similar services, then these companies are only considered as massive services. Therefore, they will have to compete by limiting service prices or using unhealthy tricks to attract potential customers.

Any business can use the money to advertise to have a brand. But after a customer uses a service that realizes this is a bad broker. Then your efforts and money for advertising also become meaningless. Be responsible and dedicated in real estate transactions. That’s how you are marketing to build a sustainable brand for your business in the most effective way.


According to archeological documents, the father of advertising is an Egyptian. The person who posted the first notice on the wall of Thebes around 3000 BC. Thus, it can be said that advertising has existed for a long time and increasingly improved. It is also playing an important role in introducing information about products, services, or ideas to the community.

In general, advertising is a purely functional job to promote the product or certain marketing programs of companies. However, advertising also has a strong impact on consumers’ behavior, buying habits, or using services through product messages in convincing way about the products or services of businesses. And now, advertising is an integral part of a company’s and an individual’s business.

With a real estate broker, advertising is a lever or a diverse intermediary tool to help you bring your home-selling products to customers in need. And with the development of the current information technology industry, internet advertising channels are the most modern, convenient, and economical communication and advertising tools for your product listing strategies.



Above are our shares about listing in the real estate industry. Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding and a clearer view of coming up with effective listing strategies.

To strengthen your knowledge as well as skills to work in this industry, let’s take our Real Estate practice test to stay strong in your career.