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How To Get An IN Indiana Real Estate License: The Ultimate Guide

The first step to becoming a real estate agent in Indiana is to obtain an Indiana real estate license. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the licensing process to make it simple for you to become an Indiana real estate agent — from the basic requirements to how to file for your license […]

February 10, 2023

The first step to becoming a real estate agent in Indiana is to obtain an Indiana real estate license. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the licensing process to make it simple for you to become an Indiana real estate agent — from the basic requirements to how to file for your license after passing the real estate exam. Let’s get started!

indiana real estate license

Don’t forget to take our free IN Indiana Real Estate practice exam to get familiarized with the format as well as the questions of the actual exam to strengthen your knowledge and skills, as a result, enhancing your chance to pass the Real Estate exam with a high score on your first attempt. Good luck to you!

Requirements To Get Indiana Real Estate License

The Indiana Real Estate Commission (REC) and Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) require a few qualifications before you can start your coursework. To start, all applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

You will be required to submit a criminal background check as part of the application process. If you answer “yes” to any questions about your criminal history or disciplinary action on your application, you have to provide detailed information about each violation. 

However, having a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record does not necessarily bar you from obtaining your real estate license. The IPLA and REC reserve the right to decide which crimes may have an impact on your ability to practice real estate.

How to Obtain An Indiana Real Estate License

indiana real estate license

Here is the most complete process to get your Indiana real state license in 2024.

Step 1. Complete Required Prelicensing Courses

To start, you must complete the required 90 hours of prelicensing education through an accredited online real estate school in Indiana or in person. Prices vary depending on the school, but online education costs between $484 and $625 and covers a wide range of subjects, including

  • Indiana Real Estate law.
  • Real Estate Brokerage Operation.
  • Real Estate Finance.
  • Real Estate Contracts.
  • Commission Rules.
  • Closing Real Estate Transactions.
  • Earnest Money and Trust Accounts.
  • Property Management.
  • Financing.
  • Real Estate Loan Underwriting.

After completing the 90-course hours, you will be required to pass a school exam administered in-person or online by your education provider. A minimum score of 75% will earn you your official Certificate of Completion, which you will need when applying for your Indiana real estate license. When you have completed all of the prelicensing requirements, you are ready to move on to the next step in the licensing process.

Step 2. Take The Indiana Real Estate Exam

indiana real estate license

If you’ve studied and prepared for your prelicensing education, the Indiana real estate exam will be much simpler. The real estate exam is divided into two parts: state and national, and both must be passed. Since the exam is computer-based, you will receive your results immediately following the exam. If you fail the exam, you can retake both sections or just the one you failed.

Luckily, Indiana allows you to retake the exam as many times as you need within one year of completing the required prelicensing education course.

Indiana Real Estate Exam

Test FormatMultiple choice     
Test Length125 questions:
75 national-focused questions.
50 state-specific questions.
Time Limit4 hours
Items to Bring to Exam2 government-issued IDs:
A valid form of government-issued identification that bears your signature and a photograph (driver's license, state ID, passport).
Have signature and preprinted legal name.
Original proof demonstrating completion of educational requirements (electronic or hard copy).
Simple functioning calculator.
Passing ScorePassing the Indiana Real Estate Salesperson Exam requires a 75%. (at least 38 correct on the state portion, and 60 correct on the national portion)
Pass RateUnfortunately, Indiana, unlike other states, does not publish its average passing rate.

PSI, a national provider of state licensing exams, provides the Indiana real estate exam. To begin scheduling, you first must create an account on the PSI website, which will give you access to the scheduling portal. For additional testing information, you will be given a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin. The exam costs $53 and can be paid directly on the website with a credit or debit card.

Step 3. Choose a Sponsoring Brokerage to Work for

indiana real estate license

You’re getting close now however, in order to receive your real estate license, you must be associated with an active sponsoring broker in Indiana. This is due to the fact that new real estate salespeople and brokers are not allowed to conduct real estate transactions on their own. A sponsoring broker, on the other hand, can oversee a new broker or salesperson’s real estate activities.

Even if the state did not require you to work with a real estate broker, it is a very good idea to do so. If we can give you one piece of advice, it’s to make sure the brokerage you select is a good fit for your needs.

To find the best brokerage for you, consider the reputation of each broker you’re considering. In your state, do they appear to be on solid ground? Do they provide training programs and opportunities for continuing education? How much room do you have to develop alongside them? 

You should also look into what kind of technology or other advantages they provide. A multiple listing service (MLS) is a great sign, for example! Finally, inquire about their real estate commission package. The pay in this industry is likely to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Ask for information about desk fees as well.

Step 4. Apply for The Indiana Real Estate License

After you’ve passed your exam and decided which brokerage to affiliate with, it’s time to apply for your licensure. Your application must be completed online through Access Indiana or by mail using the paper application within one year of passing the examination. Regardless of which option you select, you will be required to submit the following documents with your application:

  • $60 application fee: If you apply online, you can pay with a credit or debit card; if you apply by mail, you can pay with a check or money order made payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.
  • Prelicensing course completion certificate: Document from your education provider verifying completion of the 90-hour requirement.
  • Licensing examination score report: Original score sheet stating that you passed your licensing exam.
  • Broker company information: Provide the name and license number of the brokerage with which you will be working (if this section is left blank, your license will be issued in unassigned status unless you select inactively).
  • Positive response documentation (if applicable): If you answered “yes” to the inquiry about criminal history, you must fully explain and include court documentation and details.

indiana real estate license

Your application will be received and reviewed within two days. When your license is approved, you will receive an email notification and can confirm by going back to the Access Indiana website. Your license card can be mailed or downloaded and printed right away.

How Much Does It Cost To Obtain Your Indiana Real Estate License?

The cost of an Indiana real estate agent license can vary significantly depending on the price of your Indiana real estate classes and different types of licensing fees, among other factors. An active Indiana real estate license will typically cost between $632 and $952.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Indiana Real Estate License?

The time it takes to complete your 90 hours of licensing depends on how long each task takes you and how long it takes you to complete Pre-Licensing courses. Different credit hours and requirements of each brokerage will have a different impact on each Salesperson.

Student Learning PaceTime Period     
Full-time student (40 hours per week)2.25 weeks
20 hours a Week4.5 weeks
10 hours a Week9 weeks
5 hours a Week18 weeks

Students who treat their license coursework as if it were a job can finish it in about three weeks. Passing your license exam and locating a sponsoring broker may take a few weeks after that, but most students complete the entire process in a few months. The only thing I can ensure is that the best time to begin working on your pre-licensing course requirements is RIGHT NOW. Only you have control over how quickly you start.


indiana real estate license

Is there license reciprocity between Indiana and other states?

No, Indiana has no traditional reciprocity agreements with any other state. However, if you are a licensed attorney or have work experience or an educational background similar to what Indiana requires, you may be able to expedite the licensing process or obtain an education waiver. You can contact the Indiana Real Estate Commission to get more information.

How much can an Indiana realtor make?

In Indiana, the average annual salary for a real estate agent is $39,500. Real estate agent salaries in Indiana can range from $17,000 to $90,500, depending on a variety of factors such as experience, skills, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

Is real estate a good career to do in Indiana?

Real estate can be a good career, working as an Indiana real estate expert can be financially rewarding and come with many perks, such as the ability to schedule client meetings around other commitments, such as family commitments.

How many times can I take the Indiana real estate exam?

In Indiana, how many times can I take the real estate exam? You can retake the state broker license exam as many times as you need to pass both the national and state portions as long as you do so within one year of the date on your course completion certificate.

indiana real estate license

Is it possible to take the Indiana real estate exam online?

The Indiana Real Estate Commission has announced that the licensing exam can now be taken remotely rather than in person at a testing center.

Is it hard to pass the Indiana real estate exam?

Passing the Indiana Real Estate Salesperson Exam requires a 75%, at least 38 correct on the state portion and 60 correct on the national portion)

Can you get a real estate license if you have a felony in Indiana?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions about your criminal history or discipline on the real estate license application, you must submit a statement for review.

The statement should include all of the specific details about your felony charge. Also, you will need to submit court documents. Prior to licensure, all information is reviewed and approved or rejected.


In any state, getting a real estate license can be a bit daunting. However, obtaining a real estate license in Indiana is simply provided you adhere to a few simple rules. We hope that our detailed instructions for getting your Indiana real estate license have you excited to begin your new career.