how to start a real estate business

How To Start A Real Estate Business Effectively In 2024?

Real estate is one of the business lines that bring great benefits, so many businesses want to do business in this field. So how to start a real estate business? The following article will show the guide to open a real estate company and notes when setting up your business.

December 25, 2021

Real estate is always considered a potential opportunity for anyone who is willing to attend to it. Whether you’re looking to supplant your current career, construct riches, supplement your wage, or offer assistance to bolster your retirement, beginning a real estate business can be a brilliant method to achieve your objectives.

Beginning and working for a real estate business isn’t simple, but in case you’re centered, committed, and willing to put in the work, it can pay off. Whether you’re getting arranged and educating yourself on the method or ready to jump in presently, this direct will assist you to get how to begin a real estate business, counting the costs and steps, as well as thoughts for the distinctive sorts of real estate business you’ll follow. Let’s find out together with RealEstate-Prep in this article to know how to start a real estate business and get your real estate business ideas.

how to start a real estate business

How To Start a Real Estate Business From Scratch?

Choose the proper professional before starting a real estate business

There is a wide range of real estate careers that you’ll pursue within the real estate industry. You’ll possess a real estate company that centers on real estate contributing or property administration, otherwise, you can become a real estate broker/agent. The sort of commerce you select to seek after will decide whether you wish a real estate permit to function otherwise you can basically make a real estate limited liability company (which is also known as LLC) and begin working.

Carefully consider who you’re as a person, what your qualities and shortcomings are, and what trade suits those traits best. If you are an incredible sales representative and appreciate talking with people, being a real estate broker/agent could be the most suitable.

In case you’ve got solid administrative aptitudes, are profoundly organized, or are detail-oriented, being a property chief could be decent coordination. In case you appreciate crunching numbers or arranging or have a great eye for enhancements, getting to be a real estate investor may be the most suitable way. Learn what’s included in each real estate career before thinking about establishing a plan of action.

Before knowing how to invest in real estate, you should find out What is an estate?.

Establish a plan

Once you’ve chosen the most excellent way for you, let’s think about establishing a plan of action. Carefully consider what’s required to induce begun in that career or commerce. Getting to be a real estate operator or real estate broker may require you to go to a school or pass a test to induce a permit. Others may permit you to start your way with just a real estate business plan. Decide what’s required to urge your foot within the entryway and arrange what you need to achieve or do along with your own business.

If you’re planning to obtain a permit, you may consider taking our Real Estate practice exam to familiarize yourself with the format as well as the questions of the real test to pass it the first time.

In case you need to center on purchasing an investment property, choose whether you’re centering on commercial real estate, private rental property, settle and flips, wholesaling, or contract notes. Distinguish where you’ll source potential clients or venture property leads and what the conditions are like in your potential real estate market.

Building up your real estate business by making an LLC is or maybe simple and reasonable, costing on normal $132 to form. But after you begin your real estate business, there are other costs that will be brought about that can include up rapidly. Consider where subsidizing for your real estate business is coming from and how much money you may have to begin to reach your business objectives. Several business costs can also include office space, website administration, marketing, sales, real estate licenses to legally operate your business in your state, and software/online programs…

Writing out a formal commerce arrangement makes a difference to guarantee you’ve thought through all the subtle elements, and as a reward, it can be utilized to display to potential banks or accomplices in the event that you’re looking for financing.

Create your company

Can you start your own real estate company? The following step in setting up a business real estate is making your company. In the event that you’re choosing the way of getting to be an agent or broker, this implies you’ll discover a brokerage to work with after getting your permit. You’ll select a littler local real estate brokerage or a bigger national brokerage.

eventually, select a broker that gives bolster and direction for modern operators, one that can give mentorship during your first try — which can be extreme, especially in case you’ve got a restricted foundation in the field of real estate.

In case you’re choosing the way to get to be a genuine bequest speculator or property chief, you’ll need to set up your company. There are several distinctive substance structures you’ll select from, each of which offers a certain preference charge treatment based on the sort of business you will be practicing within the substance.

It’s proposed that you talk with an experienced authorized competent, such as a real estate and contract law lawyer or bookkeeper, approximately which structure is best for you, especially in case you’re utilizing the substance as a real estate office or company.

Businesses bring complete documents to submit to your state’s Division of Corporations to be granted a company business registration license. The time to issue a business registration license is usually from 5 days to 1 month. Enterprises can register themselves or authorize law firms to draft and submit documents to avoid errors and invalidity of records. You’ll need to know these things:

  • For individuals: Prepare a copy of your identity card, a copy of your passport or a copy of your citizen’s identity card
  • For organizations: In addition to documents proving the personal status of the legal representative, a business registration certificate, establishment decision, etc.
  • A member or shareholder of a company that contributes capital
  • Basic charter of the company
  • Name of your company
  • Business address

Select a suitable business name that clearly illustrates what your company does while showing your company in a proficient way. You’ll moreover check along with your state’s registry to guarantee the title isn’t registered to somebody else. Once built up, ask a manager to recognize the proof number from the IRS so you can simply record charges for the company each year and conduct exchanges exclusively from your trade account.

how to start a real estate business

Put your plan into action

Register digital signature and bank account

Real estate brokerage businesses need to register to buy digital signatures to pay taxes and online tax returns. Digital signatures can be purchased at many places, but businesses need to choose a reputable address to quickly digitally sign their company.

Then, the enterprise requires the bank to activate the electronic tax payment function for its bank account so that the company’s accountant can use the digital signature in online tax payments.

Register for a bank account

Real estate business owners need to bring their identity card, seal, and business registration license to the bank to open a transaction account for the company. After that, the enterprise carries out procedures to report the company’s bank account number to the Department of Planning and Investment. Hang the company’s sign and make a declaration showing the company’s brand such as name, phone number, address, and business code…

Real estate businesses also need to make a tax declaration and submit it to the tax authority on time. Moreover, when trading in real estate services, businesses will have to pay taxes such as: value-added tax; corporate income tax, and excise tax (license tax will depend on the declared charter capital of the enterprise).

Contribute capital and hire accounting services

A real estate brokerage company has a maximum capital contribution period of 90 days from the date of issuance of a business registration license. The members and shareholders of the company must fully contribute the initial committed capital. Capital contributed to a real estate brokerage company can be money, foreign currency, or assets valued according to the agreement of shareholders and members of the company. If they do not contribute enough capital to the company as committed, members of the enterprise will be deprived of benefits related to the missing capital contribution.

For convenience in declaring and paying taxes, businesses will need to hire a separate accountant for the company. Or if you want to save costs and still solve problems related to tax declaration, finalization, and bookkeeping, businesses can use accounting services.

Create a professional website

Whether you run a business, operate in real estate, or whatever, when you set up a website for your company, you need to prepare yourself with basic sketch ideas about the web interface. To do this, you can search and refer to the websites of competitors in the same industry to see the content they publish, how to display images, and how to introduce products online, then aggregate and upload. ideas for your own website.

After getting the design ideas, in order for the website to work, you need a domain name and hosting. The domain name is the website address so that customers can access your site, and the hosting is the server system that helps the transfer of your data on the Internet take place completely. You can buy domain names, hosting at specialized hosting providers, domain names or companies, and professional web design units.

Create a business phone number/email address

After the process of creating your business website, it is also required for you to create both a business phone number and an email address. Now, Google can provide you with free Google Voice numbers so that you can have your own established business number.

Unlike a generic email, a professional business email address allows you to use your own company name as your email address like: [email protected]. Most beginners use their personal email accounts for business. However, if you want your customers and other businesses to take you seriously, then you need to start using a professional business email address.

Marketing campaign

With a new business, it is extremely important for customers to see your presence when they are online or offline. Because even if you have good products and good services, but customers do not know about you, you will not have any revenue or profit.

With a new business, it is extremely important for customers to see your presence when they are online or offline. Because even if you have good products and good services, but customers do not know about you, you will not have any revenue or profit.

One effective method to get your business image ingrained in your customers’ minds is by joining or partnering with a nonprofit that they really know about marketing. Rest assured, they will be perfectly happy and often have good words in front of the recipients or their other sponsors.

Organize and nurture leads

The most important and most difficult thing when starting a business is finding customers. All business owners must implement strategies to acquire customers and find new business opportunities. So how to do that?

Currently, promotional emails are widely used by companies/businesses. This is a form of finding customers through email – marketing is used by a lot of you to find potential customers. So where will you find your customers’ email addresses? It is through an invitation to sign up to receive promotional email notifications when customers visit your website. After collecting customers’ emails, immediately compose an attractive promotional piece with promotions, discount vouchers, etc. to send to your customers.

how to start a real estate business

Note When Starting A Real Estate Business

Businesses will have to pay attention to the preparation of initial procedures, capital, or information when establishing a real estate business because the initial information and procedures also have their own regulations to comply with. As follows:

Prepare the required minimum capital and declare the appropriate charter capital

Capital is an important issue when starting a real estate company. In fact, because the field of real estate brokerage is very diverse, the establishment capital of the company will depend on the financial and economic capabilities or conditions of the business and the capital requirements of each industry when registering for business. business. However, businesses should prepare adequate minimum capital because when opening a company, it needs a lot of spending.

Enterprises must declare their charter capital when opening a real estate company. Normally, enterprises can declare their own charter capital depending on their wishes and financial capacity, because the law does not provide for the charter capital of enterprises when establishing a real estate company.

However, if an enterprise registers for a business line that requires capital, for example, a business that requires legal capital, or margin capital, it is necessary to register a minimum charter capital equal to the legal capital level so that the business registration can be carried out. Businesses should not declare too low charter capital when establishing a real estate brokerage company, because it will affect a part of the company’s reputation in the eyes of customers or partners.

Prepare procedures for business registration information disclosure

The real estate company needs to prepare the full disclosure procedures for business registration. The time for businesses to perform this operation is up to 30 days from the date of acquiring the business registration license. If within the specified time, the real estate company does not publish business information on the national electronic portal, it will be administratively sanctioned depending on the seriousness of the violation.

The representative of the business should be experienced

Real estate enterprises can have 1 or more legal representatives depending on the type of business. The legal representative must be a person with the capacity, experience, and ability to decide on important tasks of the enterprise during its operation. Because the representative has a very important role, he must be responsible for related legal activities in the company. For convenience, businesses can let the director, president, etc. act as the legal representative for the real estate brokerage company.

Need a specific address

Real estate companies need to have a business address to be allowed to conduct business registration. The address of the real estate brokerage company must ensure the general regulations, and avoid placing the company’s address in the apartment complex or dormitory.

Businesses can use a private house with a certificate of ownership or rent an office to set up a company address. The company’s address must be located in the territory of Vietnam, with house number, alley, district, district, city … clear and accurate. Do not use a fake address to make a real estate brokerage company address.

Must have a unique name

Real estate businesses need to have their own name and this proper name must be unique, not identical, or similar to previously registered businesses. Enterprises must prepare a full company name structure, including the type of company + proper name. The type will be one of the 5 types mentioned in the type of business, while the proper name will be given by the business itself.

To avoid duplication with other companies, businesses can use abbreviations or English names but must ensure that the company name will not cause confusion, without adding prefixes, suffixes, or missing symbols. culture in the name. Enterprises are not allowed to use the names of functional agencies, or state management agencies to name real estate companies.

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What is the most profitable real estate to own?

Commercial real estate is recognized to outperform residential real estate in terms of returns. If you can afford to run a business space, depending on your location, it can be profitable over time.

Is real estate a good business to get into?

You may earn a very comfortable living if you sell enough houses. A job as a real estate agent or broker may be both lucrative and demanding. However, bear in mind that there are several unique options for those interested in working in the business.


So the above is the necessary information to answer the question How to start a real estate business?“. Through the article, hopefully, you can understand the conditions for opening a real estate company along with the order to set up a real estate business to go into operation.