how much does a real estate agent make in texas

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas? [2024 Updated]

Texas is a potential market to start your career as a real estate agent. But how much does a real estate agent make in Texas? Find your answer in this article!

January 5, 2022

One of the most excellent things when working as a real estate agent, aside from the fulfillment of assisting both buyers and vendors in beginning their own lives, is the boundless salary potential. Since real estate agents win commissions on successful deals (meaning you get a rate of the cost of the deals of each real estate) rather than the hourly level of salary or yearly pay rates. You have the ability to control how much money you make when working as a real estate agent.

Because of this financial control, there’s a wide run of profit for Texas real estate agents. One specialist might utilize her Texas genuine bequest permit for a side hustle, closing as it were one or two bargains each year whereas another operator seems to construct a group that permits her to successfully complete hundreds of real estate bargains each year.

How much does a real estate agent make in Texas? It should be said that it’s supportive to know how much the normal real estate agent makes during the process of working in Texas. This figure can donate you a few directions to assist you to choose a practical pay objective for your real estate career.

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Which Factors You May Consider For The Development Of Real Estate Property?

how much does a real estate agent make in texas

It can be affirmed that real estate brokerage is an indispensable activity for a developed market. However, there are many objectives as well as subjective factors affecting the rotation of real estate in the market. However, there are many objectives as well as subjective factors affecting the rotation of real estate in the market. In order to analyze the impacts on the development trend of the real estate brokerage profession, we need to consider the specific factors affecting the real estate market below.

Real estate supply

The supply of the real estate market is related to the growth and decline rates of different types of real estate. The increase in the number of real estate, the fluctuations in the real estate based on the real estate market price as well as construction costs, and vice versa. In general, the supply of real estate also depends on the development cycle of the economy.

Real estate demand

The economic development cycle affects the development of the real estate market and thus makes a big change in the supply and demand of real estate. The change in real estate demand is related to the change in the demand as well as the purchasing power of the family economy and economic sectors in the market. This problem also depends to a large extent on the unemployment rate in society, the degree of urbanization, and the level of population concentration. Both demand and supply of real estate depend partly on the social policy of the state, and on the dynamism of the financial market.

Economic restructuring

The strategic prospect for the development of the real estate brokerage profession is the change in the structure of industry development in the national economy. Its result is a change in the structure of real estate supply and demand. The structural transformation in the country is also related to changes in the structure of population distribution by region, which is clearly reflected in the land and housing market.

What Factors Affect The Salary Range In Real Estate?

When you’re paid on commission, there are several factors that contribute to your income. Before we look at the average incomes for real estate agents in Texas, let’s consider some of these factors and how they could potentially skew the averages.

Part-Time vs Full-Time

Real estate could be a magnificently adaptable career path with many specialists choosing to work part-time. Typically an awesome choice for guardians who need to be accessible to kids before and after school, retirees who need to supplement their retirement benefits, and indeed full-time laborers who enjoy the excitement of a real estate side hustle. With so many part-timers within the industry, normal salaries can skew lower than what an agent seems to anticipate to form on a full-time premise.

Capability Of Generating Leads/Close Deals

Your capacity to win cash in the real estate profession is straightforwardly tied to your capacity to produce leads and near bargains. The real estate agent who works effectively can gain a parcel more cash in a parcel in less time. But those who ignored their lead-generation assignments can earn less due to fewer bargains.

Real Estate Values

Since the commission you can receive is based on a home’s deal cost, your wage is tied to the esteem of the real estate. A three percent commission on a $300,000 domestic would be $6,000, whereas a 3% commission on a $600,000 domestic would be $18,000. Therefore, the real estate agents who work in higher-value markets, by and large, make more cash than specialists who work in lower-value markets.

Qualification and Experience

There is a positive impact on income, in case other factors are constant, if the professional level increases, the income will increase. This means that income will increase the more qualified real estate agents become. This is especially true in the real estate sector. Because transactional assets often have very high prices, buyers often tend to require the assistance of experienced agents. In other words, real estate agents with high expertise and experience will have the opportunity to earn attractive deals, and thereby increase income.

Working Environment

There is a positive impact on income, in case other factors are constant if the working environment is better, it will increase income. More specifically, a good environment refers to where one is comfortable and willing to contribute. In addition, when working for a reputable company, you will also have the opportunity to earn valuable contracts with a higher frequency than working in less common companies.

What Type Of Income Does A Real Estate Agent Have?

how much does a real estate agent make in texas

A realtor’s real estate brokerage income usually comes primarily from brokerage fees or commissions. When a transaction is successful, the real estate broker’s income is received as a remuneration called a brokerage fee or commission. This fee usually depends on the contract value and usually has 3 cases as follows:

  • If the brokerage staff works for an organization, or company, to trade with a basic salary, the income will be calculated as: Basic salary + Commission fee paid by the company as agreed + Bonuses (if any).
  • If a broker employee works as an institute for an organization, company, or exchange that does not pay a salary, the income will be a Proportional brokerage fee + Bonuses (if any).
  • If the brokerage staff works independently, and freely, the income is the commission fee received under a separate agreement with the client.

The brokerage commission ratio is usually calculated:

  • Real estate for rent: Brokerage fees usually range from 1 to 2 months of real estate rental. This depends on the length of the rental contract and the agreement of the parties.
  • Real estate that is sold separately: Brokerage fees usually range from 1% to 2% of the real estate transaction value, in addition, depending on the agreement of each specific transaction contract between the parties involved. Mandarin.
  • Real estate project: This is usually an organization, company, or exchange with a clear legal entity to be distributed. Fees as agreed with investors.

The above are the main real estate brokerage income calculations of a broker. However, in the process of practicing, the broker can also get other incomes from introducing services, linking with other partners such as banks, construction, and furniture…

How Does A Real Estate Agent Get Paid In Texas?

In some real estate exchanges, one operator will work for both the buyer and the vendor in Texas. Other times, the mortgage holder may handle the deal of their house – called “for a deal by the proprietor”. Be that as it may, most of the time, vendors and buyers are both possessing real estate agents. Each operator is looking out for their individual client’s best interface while moreover working together towards the common objective of finalizing the deal of the real estate.

You as of now know that a seller’s operator charges the client a commission once the real estate is sold. In any case, numerous real estate buyers in Texas listen to this and expect it, which means they don’t get to pay their real estate specialist. Numerous real estate agents even advertise themselves by clarifying to potential clients that their administrations are free. Because it turns out, that’s not totally real estate. Instead of that, it’s likely more exact to say that both the buyer and the vendor conclude up paying real estate agents, but in a reasonably circuitous way.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the real estate agents. In the event that you knew you had to part your commission with somebody else before passing another huge rate to your broker, what would you be? Like most other real estate agents in Texas, you’d calculate that fetched into your add-up to cost. So, whereas the vendor pays the real estate commission in Texas, the buyer is contributing their reasonable share, as well. 

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make In Texas?

In case you need to urge a sense of how much cash you’ll make if you work as a Texas real estate agent, it may be a great thought to get it to the normal real estate agent level of income in Texas. 

In common, the longer you remain within the real estate profession, the more cash you make. Moreover, the more hours per week you work, the more money you’ll anticipate to form over time. Also, in the same way, that an attorney can select his or her legitimate firm, you’ll be able to select your supporting brokerage firm. Whereas the commission part may be non-negotiable, there are other benefits that brokerages can supply, such as well-being benefits, retirement plans, free proceeding instruction, and/or proficient advancement to title some.

In case you’re unhappy with your brokerage, you’ll be able to continue to alter brokerages or end up possessing a personal broker. However, you’ll require at least four years of encounter as a real estate agent before applying. The TREC (which is short for Texas Real Estate Commission) traces the total necessities for getting to be a real estate broker on the official website of TREC.

Just like other professions, there are components that impact annual salary that you just can’t control, to be specific nearby and national financial patterns. Be that as it may, whereas real estate commerce can be to some degree unstable as a result of these patterns, there’s also no cap on how much you’ll be able to earn.

To illustrate how much a Texas real estate agent’s level of salary can earn in a year, we’ve laid out a detailed Texas real estate agent salary level depending on specialization or specialty (for example commercial/residential) and area in Texas.

how much does a real estate agent make in texas

At the moment, we know how much real estate agents make in Texas on average, let’s take a look at a couple of particular cities in Texas to see how diverse territorial profit compares. This city comparison utilizes affirmed yearly wages taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as self-reported pay.

how much does a real estate agent make in texas


The medium wage of genuine bequest operators in Austin could be a respectable $71,810 per year concurring with the BLS, and reports a normal base level of $88,459. Austin has seen extraordinary development over the final couple of decades due to the booming tech scene. And with a developing populace, Austin real estate agents have their hands active with single-family homes as well as downtown condos.


In case you need to induce your real estate license in a huge city with a bounty of distinctive ranges and offering openings accessible, consider Dallas as an example. Real estate agents working within Dallas make around $79,490 per year concurring with the BLS and a normal base salary level of $89,994.


With a populace of 2.3 million, Houston is now becoming the biggest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the USA. The complete Houston region expands distant and wide to incorporate numerous rural areas, and it extends to the coast located in Galveston. Real estate agents working in Houston can make around $78,560 per year concurring with the BLS.

San Antonio

San Antonio was positioned number three within the whole nation for populace development between 2010 and 2019. Those with a San Antonio official estate agent license are getting a charge out of a cruel wage of $64,050 per year agreeing to the BLS and $86,104 concurring to In fact. This enormous disparity between salary figures is due to the extraordinary development and comparing salary potential for real estate specialists between the foremost later BLS information and today’s data.


Due to Lubbock’s area within the Texas panhandle, and its victory within the farming industry, this city may be a great place to have your real estate permit in case you’re considering specializing in arriving or cultivating the real estate profession. The BLS reports that real estate specialists in Lubbock make a cruel wage of $46,920. 


With a population of merely 100,000 people recorded in the year 2020, Waco could be a much smaller Texas town than the others on this list. But that doesn’t mean that Waco is not a profitable real estate market. Waco real estate specialists make around $53,490 concurrent with the BLS. Waco is home to Baylor College and the prevalent Magnolia Showcase included in HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper,’ so the town is beyond any doubt to see a deluge of guests each year.

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How Can A Real Estate Agent Maximize Income?

There are ways you’ll be able to maximize your real estate agent wage to make sure that you’re raking in higher-than-average figures. Below are several methods:

  • Know how to choose the right time to suggest closing sales, and avoid hastily giving suggestions to close deals that customers do not have enough interest in.
  • Knowing how to assemble project conditions and customer needs becomes the exact match for customer satisfaction.
  • Do not forget to emphasize the advantages and benefits that customers receive from current facilities, expansion, profitable investment, incentives, and even the prestige of the investor.
  • Boldly the customer closes the sale, always giving the customer a feeling of being motivated by a profitable transaction.
  • Real estate salespeople can effectively reach customers through sources such as: distributing leaflets, banners, and posters; calling to introduce real estate products for sale; and taking advantage of the real estate classifieds channel.
  • Build your own website, Facebook, do SEO, and run ads. This is a fast, long-term, and stable customer approach, flexible in projects.

The salary for a real estate agent in Texas is rewarding, right? If you want to become a real estate agent, read more about How to become a real estate agent


What is the average income of a real estate agent in Texas?

The average income of a real estate agent in Texas can range from around $40,000 to over $100,000 per year. However, it’s important to note that these figures are averages and individual earnings can vary significantly.

How do real estate agents earn money in Texas?

Texas real estate brokers make their money through commissions. They receive a portion of the final sale price as their fee when they assist someone in buying or selling a home. Depending on the agent and the transaction, multiple formulas are used to determine the commission fee.

Are there any additional expenses or fees that real estate agents in Texas need to consider?

Real estate brokers do commonly pay additional fees and charges in Texas. License payments, membership dues to trade associations like the Texas Realtors Association, marketing charges, insurance premiums, office expenses, and seminars for continuing education are a few examples.

Do real estate agents in Texas receive a salary or hourly wage?

In Texas, it’s usual for real estate brokers to not be paid hourly pay or a set income. Instead, they receive commissions based on the profitable sale or lease of real estate. A portion of the total sales price or rental sum is paid to the agent as a commission when a real estate transaction is completed. The agent and their brokerage or agency often come to an agreement on the commission rate. This implies that a real estate agent’s income in Texas might vary significantly based on their volume of sales and the value of the properties they work with.

How long does it take for a real estate agent in Texas to start earning income?

Texas real estate agents may start generating money at different times. It is based on factors like their marketing initiatives, networking skills, market conditions, and the distinctive features with which they operate. While some agents may make money soon after starting their firm, others can take longer.


In Texas, there are a number of variables that affect How much a real estate agent makes in Texas and you can influence each one. People who wish to invest a lot of time and energy into building their enterprises over time may find the real estate industry to be intriguing. It is important for you to start the first phase of your journey toward success as soon as possible as you go along your professional route!

If you want to get your own license, it’s critical that you prepare well. There are several Texas real estate practice exam and programs available to assist you in preparing for the next exam.