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When an appraiser values a property under the cost approach, they add the value of the site to the depreciated cost new of improvements. If the value of a site is $150,000, the cost to build a new house is $300,000, the cost to build a new garage is$75,000, and the value of site improvements such as landscaping and the driveway are $75,000, what is the final value of the property under the cost approach when a 20% physical depreciation factor is applied?

A $525,000.

The cost approach requires the appraiser to adjust the house and garage costs, known as the “cost new” of constructed improvements, by a depreciation factor. Thus: $300,000 (house) + $75,000 (garage) = $375,000 x 0.2 (20% depreciation) = $75,000. Then subtract the depreciation amount from the cost new. $375,000 (cost new) - $75,000 (accrued depreciation) = $300,000 (depreciated cost new). Finally, add the various amounts: $150,000 (site) + $300,000 (depreciated construction costs) + $75,000 (site improvements) = $525,000.

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