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Free Florida Real Estate Practice Exam 2022

Florida Real Estate Exam Overview

How much is a real estate license in Florida?

The license cost for a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate is $83.75 per year. There is a $36.75 fee for taking the test. Pre-Licensing course tuition, which varies by package and institution, may incur extra costs while pursuing your license.

Is it worth getting a real estate license in Florida?

In Florida, being a real estate agent has a high earning potential. Every year, $100,000 is an excellent goal to set for yourself. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to advancing your career.

How hard is the Florida real estate exam?

You may retake the Florida real estate license test as many times as necessary in order to pass it. Wait 1 day and pay $36.75 to reschedule your Florida real estate exam.

How many times can you retake the Florida real estate exam?

To pass the Florida real estate licensing exam, you can take it as many times as you need. To reschedule your exam, simply wait 24 hours and pay $36.75.

Can you take Florida real estate exam online?

From the convenience of your own home or workplace, get your certification in the field of information security. Taking your Florida Real Estate test from home is now possible with OnVUE online proctoring. A live proctor will watch you via your computer’s camera throughout the test to guarantee your safety.

Is the Florida real estate exam open book?

Salesperson and Broker Exams are taken on computers in Florida. Right after the test, you will get your results. A closed-book test is what you can expect from this one. In order to take the exam, you are not allowed to bring any study aids inside the testing area.

How many math questions are on the Florida real estate exam?

In order to become a Florida real estate sales associate, one must pass a 100-question multiple-choice test. A total of 10 mathematical computations are interspersed throughout the 45 questions on real estate procedures, legislation, and regulations in both Florida and the United States of America.

What happens if you don’t pass the Florida real estate exam?

A score report with diagnostic information will be sent whenever you fail the standardized tests for a Florida real estate sales professional license. This score report will assist you to identify the areas in which you need to improve before retaking the test. Waiting at least 24 hours before rescheduling your test is required.

What is the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam?

Aceable’s Florida real estate salesperson test pass percentage is 96%.

How long is Florida real estate license exam?

Takers spend around 3 hrs completing it. To pass, candidates must correctly answer 75 out of 100 questions, or 75% of the questions.

Can you bring a calculator to the Florida real estate exam?

A calculator may be used if it is quiet, portable, battery-powered but doesn’t have an alphabetic keypad.

What is required for a Florida real estate license?

The applicant must have a high school degree or its equivalent. In the United States, this is known as a Social Security number. You really should have finished 63 hours of pre-licensing training in the last 2 years. Become a Florida sales associate by passing the test.

How long is a Florida real estate application good for?

For 2 years after it’s filed, the application is eligible for consideration.

Is the Florida real estate exam the same every time?

You may take the Florida real estate test as many times as you want. It now costs $36.75 to take it. When your 2-year period is over, you may stop taking it if you want to save money.

How many questions can you miss on the Florida real estate exam?

Florida real estate license exams require students to first finish a state-approved course, which may cost anywhere from $100 online to $500 or more in an in-person setting. When taking the Florida state licensing exam, which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, students may only miss 25%  of the questions.

How to utilize our free Florida Real Estate Practice Exam?

When you’re ready to begin taking practice tests, follow these steps:

  • With your notes and real estate study guide close at hand, take the first test without a time limit. Put the strategies you have learned into practice and take your time.
  • Consider setting a timer and pacing yourself to complete the second practice test “open book” as well.
  • Practice any other tests as if it was test day. Put your study materials away and set a timer. Imagine yourself sitting at a desk in the testing center, answering questions as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Practice tests are best taken regularly until you run out of them or the actual test is approaching. This will prepare your mind for the test day schedule and stress, so you can concentrate on recalling the material you’ve learned.

How does our real estate practice test work?

Based on the official test
We have to say our real estate practice test questions are collected and updated carefully based on the annual real estate test. In order to be as similar as possible to the real test, we constantly improve the quality as well as quantity of our real estate practice test questions.
Detailed explanation
We also offer detailed explanations for every question, which help you understand the roots of the issues and rarely make that mistake again, so you pass the test the first time!
So friendly to users
Our real estate practice test is designed to be fun and easy to use which helps you feel more interesting while doing tests.

Why you should study with our Florida Real Estate Practice Test Free?

These are all the benefits of using our Real Estate Practice Test:

  • Study anywhere at any time without an Internet connection.
  • Your own study plan will be set up automatically according to your test date 
  • 3 test modes: Weak/Medium/Strong questions help you clearly determine which area you should work harder on.
  • Customize your study reminder to receive a notification at any time you want

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